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Dan-Kar introduces RapidThaw, a new line of patented defrosting blocks for laboratory use. With RapidThaw’s Micro Series, you can quickly and effortlessly thaw multiple frozen samples without the addition of external heat. Constructed of high-grade aluminum alloy with optimized heat transfer properties, RapidThaw offers significant benefits for your laboratory operation:

  • Frozen samples thaw in a fraction of the time of room-temperature thawing — 1 ml water 90% thawed in 4.5 minutes vs. 20 minutes on lab bench at room temperature.
  • Patented cell design further promotes thawing by maximizing surface contact.
  • Heat-transfer thawing creates optimum cold state around the sample tube.
  • RapidThaw protects heat-sensitive samples such as protein lysates, antibiotics, DNA stocks,
    reaction buffers and reagents, etc.
  • Space-saving design allows for convenient positioning on any lab bench.

Compatible with most tapered 1.5 ml microfuge tubes. Available in various block sizes for multiple-cell thawing

  • Micro 12 (RTDB 12)
  • Micro 18 (RTDB l8)
  • Micro 24 (RTDB 24) RapidThaw


  • Width: 3.375″
  • Length: 5.875″
  • Height: 1.75″


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